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  • The Black Sun of Alchemy in Depression and Dark Nights of the Soul

    The Black Sun of Alchemy in Depression and Dark Nights of the Soul

    How many people here have experienced some form of depression in their lives? How many of you often feel sad about life, are grieving a loss or are despairing of the state of the world and often question what the heck it is all about and just want to resign? Well, according to the medics, you folk in the second group are depressed too! Welcome to the insane world! Continue reading

    January 28, 2018 More
  • A Saxon Solution

    A Saxon Solution

    The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for the year 1125 records that all moneyers who were in England were ordered to come to Winchester at Christmas. There, “they were taken one by one and each deprived of the right hand and castrated. Continue reading

    January 25, 2018 More
  • Light in the Darkness

    Light in the Darkness

    It is a fact in this world that each year, each day, each hour brings struggle and challenge, whether the ‘enemy’ that we struggle against is without or within. Those who meet the struggles with joy are looked at as heroes and honored by friends and family and perhaps even the greater world as well. May we all show such strength in the face of adversity! Continue reading

    January 21, 2018 More
  • Odinic Rite Poetry Competition Results 2266 / 2016ce

    Odinic Rite Poetry Competition Results 2266 / 2016ce

    In the autumn of last year, the first Odinic Rite poetry competition was opened for entries and submissions were sent in after members and friends of the OR read about it on this website Submissions were carefully managed by competition … Continue reading

    January 14, 2017 More
  • Odinist Poetry Competition Yule 2266

    Odinist Poetry Competition Yule 2266

    “Ancestors, enlightened Sired of their seed Poetry, wisdom A draught of Woden’s mead…” – an excerpt from the poem ‘Our Wyrd’ by Redwald OR When Odin took a sip of the poetic mead, Wyrd’s web reverberated throughout the cosmos and … Continue reading

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The Treasures of the Gods

The Treasures of the Gods

By Einar Randall AOR

In this myth we are given a folkloric version regarding crop harvesting, the importance of cutting down the old stocks which is necessary to make way for the next planting. The connection to this idea stems form the fact that Sif, Thor’s wife is the goddess of vegetation, farming, harvest and ripened grains- her long golden silk hair was sheered off completely (the symbolic harvesting of the crops) by the malignant Loki.
Continue reading

January 28, 2016 More
The Word upon the Winds

The Word upon the Winds

by Gothi Arinbjorn OR

When the shaman awoke, he called to the men and women of his tribe, roused them from sleep, and when they had gathered, he danced and sang his dream. His people sat enthralled and when he had finished, they asked what the dance was called. CHANGE! was his answer.

The above is a paraphrasing from The Circle of Ostara’s Odinic Mythology taken from the Myth of the Dawn Time. Continue reading

January 24, 2016 More
Conception, Perception and Introspection: Perspectives of Blotar

Conception, Perception and Introspection: Perspectives of Blotar

By Vidar / Gungnir Hama AOR The experiences of ritual, and Blotar especially are delegated to the three qualities of epistemology, the philosophy of knowledge; conception (reason), perception (observation or empiricism) and introspection (faith, intuition and visualisation). Each adherent is … Continue reading

January 7, 2016 More


By Anders B AOR

After I’da finished the hammer that were featured on this site a while ago, the itch to make something that were associated with both our ancestral past and our faith got the better of I, and so too, the need to return to me shed in Svartalfheim with me fellow spiritual dwarf smiths. After looking at the swords and t’other ornamental items I’da got scattered around me home, I decided that a shield would go well on the wall to complement the swords, so as ye do, I set to and made a start on me next project. Continue reading

January 2, 2016 More
OR Store back in action!

OR Store back in action!

We are very pleased to announced that the OR Store is now back online, something that many of you have enquired about and looked forward to. We thank you for your patience while the store was closed and hope that you enjoy having it back.

Books, clothing, media and other OR merchandise are available.

Books, clothing, media and other OR merchandise is available. Continue reading

October 10, 2015 More
The Trefot  and Trifunctionality

The Trefot and Trifunctionality

by Vidar / Gungnir Hama AOR

The number three takes a prominent numerical place in our faith, evidenced in our mythology, all Indo-European myths, symbols, theology and culture. The simple and organic numerology symbolised in the trefot symbol of the Odinic Rite serves to illustrate a basic theme of our troth and culture, that of functionalism, namely trifunctionality. Continue reading

September 26, 2015 More
Vedic - Eddic - Avesta : Part 1

Vedic – Eddic – Avesta : Part 1

By Egil Bamberger AOR & Hodr Fabian AOR Upon opening ORBriefing, issue 219 Autumn 2261 pg.3 we read “The ancient Vedic texts written by our ancestors contain much of this wisdom …” The key word being “Vedic”, which may be … Continue reading

September 23, 2015 More
Resisting the Wolf Age

Resisting the Wolf Age

By Redwald OR

The Wolf Age, more often known under the Hindu / Buddhist term ‘Kali Yuga’, refers in very simplistic terms to a period of time where religion wanes, spirituality degenerates and moral standards slip. It is an age of vice, lacking in high culture.
Continue reading

June 9, 2015 More
White - Red - Black

White – Red – Black

By Hariulf OR

The white, the red and the black (sometimes black is replaced by dark blue or green) seem to be symbolic colours of great importance into the different Aryan mythologies. We find them both in the Veda and in the Edda but also in the Iranian Bundahism. Incidentally, the OR for its logo also chose those three colours. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Continue reading

April 29, 2015 More
Ostara inspire us!

Ostara inspire us!

By Asrad CG

As the wheel of the year turns and the days grow longer and nights shorter our spirits start to lift. Without knowing darkness we cannot love the light and without experiencing the cold long nights of Winter we surely could not love the Spring and Summer as we do. Knowing and experiencing the harshness of winter means we make the most of the lighter nights and warmer days just as our folk have since the very beginning. Continue reading

April 25, 2015 More